Jueves, 02 de junio de 2011

Halo Tools and Programs

There are a lot of programs out there that some people may find very useful to use with their Halo Trial. These tools help you get a lot more out of Halo Trial by making new things possible, for example, the Sightjacker which allows you to detect aim botters or the Halo Patcher which would let you run multiple Halo windows. These are just some of the examples of Halo Tools listed below. Each has some useful information to go with it.

Got a halo tool which isn't here? Please post it in the forums general disscussion to have it added to this page!

Sight Jacker

A Sight Jacker is a program which works with Halo Trial which allows hosts or clients, to scroll through the list of all the players in the game, and watch the game from their point of view. It can help spot aim botters by seeing if the centre of their screen is always on someone's head or jumps quickly (locks on) from one player to another.

To download the Halo Trial Sight Jacker made by SilentK at R3 Clan click here.


How To Use

You will notice that the download comes with a modified Halo.exe which is needed for it to work. Replace your current Halo.exe which is in your Halo Trial folder with this new one.

If you have Halo Reloaded installed the Sight Jacker works without replacing your current Halo.exe with the one in the download!!! Replacing your current Halo.exe with this one will cause your Halo Reloaded not to work!!!

To use the Sight Jacker when you join a game make sure?you start it up right away. Just Click the Trial_Sightjacker.exe and the Sight Jacker box will come up. Press home on your keyboard to start the Sight Jacker then press page up/down to cycle through players. If you want the Sight Jacker to end press end on your keyboard.


Halo Patcher

The XeTav Halo Patcher for all versions including Trial, allows you to open your Halo.exe and then patch it, in other words make changes to it, relating to options you enter in the program. The main use I find for the patcher is to use it to make it possible to open multiple Halo Trial windows. This can be useful if you want to host two servers, or even be in two servers at the same time!


Click Here to Download Halo Patcher


How To Use

There are boxes you can check for the options you want your halo.exe to have on the right hand side, most of which are straight forward, but to make multi halo windows may require a bit more explaining. If you want to have the full features of being able to host two servers you have to do the following:

  1. Copy your ENTIRE halo trial folder. I suggest you have it placed next to the first halo trial to make things more simple naming the folder Halo Trial 2 so you don't get mixed up!
  2. Open HaloPatcher. Click browse and search for?the halo.exe in the Halo Trial 2 folder. Open it up in the patcher.
  3. You will see a section?in the patcher called Saved Game + Window Name Editor. In here click the box for Multi-Halo.exe. Now change Saved Game Folder to something other than Halo Trial, however it MUST have the same or less?amount?of?characters than the words "Halo Trial" so do not enter more than 10 characters including the spaces! The same goes for Window name. Change it from halo to something else with 4 or less letters.
  4. Now once you are sure you have done that correctly, press patch. The status log with all that text should say something like patch successful right at the bottom. (You may need to scroll down to see it). Now you can close the patcher.
  5. Now you can run the Halo.exe in the Halo Trial 2 folder. You will need to create a new profile and adjust your settings how you want. However there is something you MUST do, which is change your port numbers on network settings to something different than to what they are set to on the first,?original?halo. This is because trying to host two servers on the same port will not work!!!
  6. You may want to create a?short cut?for this second halo trial now too, and use that -window thing in the shortcut to make it run in window mode if you want. This will be very useful to have if you are switching between two halos.
  7. Now you will notice you will be able to run both halo servers at the same time. Each can host a separate map too if you want, and each will still have a separate Halo Reloaded, if you have it installed anyway, useful for dedicated servers.

NM God's Name Hack

This program allows you to change your name during on line multiplayer games. For example if you are called Host-Broom during one game you can change your name to, say broomish.tk, the next game. (Your new name takes place once the server restarts for a new game). Just type in what you want your next name to be and press change.

Halo Trial needs to be open first before you run NMGods Name Hack.

The program also unlocks some? ASCII characters which you couldn't use in names before, such as the? . for example. Be warned you still cant use that many alt codes or symbols. You are better off using the ones you know work in the first place but by all means play around to see what works.


Click Here to Download